The Fondation Valérie Messika reaffirms Its Support to the “Toutes à l’école” Association

  • Where : Cambodge
  • When : 2021 et 2022
  • Who : 30 young girls in school for 2 years

According to UNESCO figures, out of the 774 million illiterate adults in the world, two thirds are women. The proportion of illiterate women has remained unchanged over the past twenty years.  Cambodia, where half the population is under 18, lost 90% of its intellectuals during the Khmer Rouge genocide. In the face of this dual challenge, journalist Tina Kieffer founded the association Toutes à l’École in 2005. Its mission: to offer high-level education to the most disadvantaged girls in Cambodia, in order to prepare them for a career that will bring them freedom and dignity. For the past two years, Messika has been supporting this NGO by funding the education of a class of first and second-year students, covering some of the needs of the sponsored students, such as school materials, food, medical care, field trips, the salaries of teachers and staff, and general running of the school.

January 2022

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