Our Mission

Created in 2021 with the help of the Fondation de France, the Fondation Valérie Messika aims to support people, projects and organisations of general interest, particularly in relation to children and women in the fields of education, culture and health. The funds may also in exceptional circumstances provide support in any other area of general interest. We support associations that have been selected for their effectiveness and tangible impact on the lives of children and women throughout the world.

“For women to achieve perfect equality would be the surest mark of civilization; it would double the intellectual powers of the human race and its chances of happiness.” Stendhal

The executive committee

Valérie Messika, CEO

Within its jewelry as well its commitments, Messika places the empowerment of women at the heart of its mission. Driven by a desire for fashionable jewelry and uninhibited diamonds, Valérie Messika created her Jewelry Maison in 2005. She has transformed this meaningful and symbolic accessory into an ultra-desirable and disruptive piece, which women buy for themselves and brings them extra reassurance. As a tribute to women and their diversity, Messika celebrates the image of a free and independent woman. Through her foundation, Valérie Messika hopes to do everything in her power to help create a more tolerant and inclusive society that is more open to the world. As a mother of two young daughters, she is keen to show them the limitless possibilities for women.

A word from the CEO

“Women, as well as their place in society and freedom, have always been at the heart of my life. As an entrepreneur and mother, I know how difficult it is to ever completely find your place. Traditional social factors still prevail and unfortunately numerous prejudices remain. By launching this foundation a year ago, I wanted to become more involved and take more concrete action. By supporting the most disadvantaged women on the ground and making the education of young girls a key factor in their emancipation, we are helping to build a fairer society in which girls and boys can imagine their future with greater peace of mind and without limits.” 
Valérie Messika, CEO

Aurélie Darmon
Chief Marketing Officer at Messika Manager of the Fondation Valérie Messika

Nicolas Zanelli
Chief Financial Officer at Messika Manager of the Fondation Valérie Messika

Amelie Piot
Management Assistant at Messika Manager of the Fondation Valérie Messika

Ophélie Meunier Journalist and TV presenter

Lisa Poupaud
Head of the Vulnerabilities and Inclusion Department at the Fondation de France



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