The Fondation Valérie Messika joins forces with supermodel Toni Garrn’s foundation to support the education of girls in Africa


  • Where : Uganda, Ghana, Burundi
  • When : 2022
  • Who : secondary school children

Poverty and long distances mean that many girls in Africa do not have the chance to receive an education. Yet, we all know that education is the only way to empower women, reduce under-age marriages and pregnancies, and ultimately create true democracies. The Toni Garrn Foundation was founded in 2016 to support girls’ education initiatives in Africa. Its aim is to empower individuals as well as their families and local communities. The foundation works closely with local schools, communities and changemakers to provide young women and girls with an infrastructure that supports their education and personal development. Education is at the heart of the foundation’s concerns, but its holistic approach (including health, accommodation and mentoring) enables it to cover all aspects that offer a sense of security and allow someone to continue studying.


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