The Fondation Valérie Messika provides an emergency aid Grant Of €50,000 dedicated to Ukraine

  • Where : Ukraine
  • When :  February 2022
  • Who : War refugees

More than a fifth of humanity could be pushed into poverty and hunger by the consequences of the war in Ukraine. The Foundation’s emergency fund is intended to support organisations that support women—whose needs are of immediate priority. In February, the Fondation Valérie Messika, through the Fondation de France, decided to release an emergency aid package aimed at supporting locally based associations in their mission to accommodate refugees and displaced persons, both in neighbouring countries as well as in Ukraine. More than 10 million people, mainly women and children, have had to leave their homes and in some cases their country to escape the Russian offensive in Ukraine. In accordance with the Fondation de France’s guidelines for intervention in emergencies, a committee of volunteer experts was set up in order to define the priority areas of action. Firstly, this involves responding to the basic needs and psychosocial support of populations affected by the conflict. Secondly, it means providing more sustainable support to these populations, in terms of housing, education, legal support and psychological support but also access to information.

The Solidarity Ukraine project helps to protect the most vulnerable Ukrainian refugees. © Paul Lemaire / AFP  

February 2022

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